Educate and empower your patients

You may have patients sitting in your waiting room with endometriosis pain right now – or maybe they’ve got other red flags – but the condition has never crossed their mind.

You can empower your patients with the knowledge they need to spot endometriosis symptoms. Simply tell them about This is an endometriosis awareness site, developed and provided by Gedeon Richter.

It contains helpful information on all things endometriosis, including the symptoms and how to go about getting a diagnosis. Your patients will also find a ‘Red Flag Finder’ on the homepage, which asks a series of questions to identify potential warning signs that they should speak to you about.

Welcome to Is It Endo?

This awareness campaign is initiated and funded by Gedeon Ritcher. This website is intended for healthcare professionals in the UK.

This site is here to help people spot the red flags of endometriosis. But first, to help us get you where you belong, answer us this:

Are you a UK-based healthcare professional?